Tom Papadatos


I have contributed to the development of twenty-three unique shipped games over the last twenty years in the game industry. Several of these high-profile titles have been successful AAA games spanning many genres across sixteen individual platforms.
Twelve of those years have been spent in studio leadership roles across multiple art department disciplines.

My game development experiences have ranged from…

  • Art Director - Lead Character Artist - Lead Environment Artist - Lead Artist
  • Game Pitches & Proposals - User Interface - Front-End Design
  • Level Design/Maps - Camera & Animation Scripting - Storyboarding
  • Motion Capture Director - Concept Art/Illustration - 2D Graphic Artist/Animator

-The creation of marketing and promotional materials (software packaging, vinyl figures, action figures/toys, Wii game controllers, books, magazines and web content).

My management experience consists of...

  • Managing internal and external teams
  • Developing workflows and processes
  • Mentoring and training of artists including bi-weekly 1:1 meetings and skills assessments
  • Performing annual reviews for my direct reports
  • Project scheduling, risk management, time estimates and task co-ordination
  • Evaluating talent/recruitment, outsourcing strategy & 3rd party evaluation
  • PR interviews and trade show demonstrations

I am a well rounded artist that has a wealth of experience in graphic design, sculpture and I'm a traditionally trained animator and technical illustrator.

I enjoy collaborating with teams and I'm dedicated and driven to making innovative games of the highest quality with a special focus on attention to detail and creating fun and memorable experiences.

In addition to having a keen critical eye and a high standard of quality, I also have an excellent history of ensuring my teams always meet their milestones and consistently achieve their goals.

I specialize in the creation of creature & character models/textures in realistic, fantasy, sci-fi and cartoon styles as well as training artists, mentoring & leading teams, internal and external outsourcing management, scheduling, time estimates & task co-ordination, risk management, developing workflows & processes and evaluating talent/staffing.

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Longwood, FL